Amara is a continent that is surrounded by ocean on three of its sides. The uncharted Northern Reach lies to the north and is filled with a diverse ecosystem of plants and animals. Amara is ruled by Paladin and has its own standing army. Its wide variety of sentient species have given it many diverse cultures and meals.

Ordend and grood are the basic currencies of Amara. 20 ordend equals one grood.


Amara is a country that is split into five provinces: Creemoor, Ordray, Trese, Wittoom, and Wynd with the the capital city being Vendela.


A southeastern province of Amara. To the north, it is bordered by the Dormanscz Mountains and, to the south, it is bordered by the ocean and the Bay of Didion. The town Chellemgard is situated in this province.


An eastern province situated in the middle of Amara. To the north is Trese while Wynd is to the east and Creemor is to the south. Inside of it are the Hierson River that pour out into Tuthoutu Lakes while the Odamee Channel serves a border between it and the sea. The towns River Away, Tourk, and Blisk are situated in this province.


A northeastern province of Amara. Inside of it are the Guerson River, the Marfor River, the Bartal Springs Lake, and the Mochain Mountain range, which serves as a natural border. The towns Dael, Dascarnavon, Prushing, and Bealour are situated in this province.


The western province situation in the middle of Amara. To the west is Ordray while to the northeast is Trese and to the south is Wynd. Inside of it are the Katwyk River, the Bissean River, the Plain of Gette, the Kattaboom Mountains, and the Cave of Endor. The town Domenae is situated in this provience.

It is the closest provience to the capital city Vendela.


The southwestern provience of Amara. Inside of it are the Gilpen River, the Pomandando River, the Fairren Forest, The Bogs, and Mt. Kordenavis. The towns Norst, Bintuppi, and Ianna are located in this provience.