An anvilhead snake is an animal native to Amara. It is an extremely long, thin black snake whose outsized head is supported by thick neck muscles. Their body could be as much as six inches wide, but the length could be from three to thirty long. The head was significantly larger.

Anvilhead snakes are considered loathsome killers that will eat minor dragons if they can catch them. They also ate young farm animals, grain, and feed but did nothing to combat the populations of rats, vermin, or insects. No farmer allowed them on their property.

The snakes bred quickly, able to lay over a hundred eggs at a time. When the egg was about to hatch, the hard shell become rubbery. Baby snakes looked like large blackened worms. If the eggs were broken open, the smell of raw eggs and the bodies of unborn snakes was nearly unbearably bad. Kale Allerion could stand it only by using a handkerchief made of moonbeam cloth to filter the worst of the effects.

History Edit

DragonLight Edit

An anvilhead snake invited itself into the basement of Kale's Castle and laid her eggs. Two of Kale's minor dragons, Gally and Mince, were playing hide-and-seek in the castle depths when the snake had surpirsed them. Trying to hide, they'd flown into an empty keg with an off-center lid. As Mince dove through the narrow opening he'd knocked the top just enough for it to rattle into place. While this kept the serpent out, it trapped them in.

When Kale noticed they were missing, she tracked them to the basement with Toopka clinging to her skirt and decapitated the snake when it lunged at her before freeing the trapped dragons. With the mother dead, she'd sent Artross's watch to track down the nest and kill the eggs. Over a hundred eggs had been laid in a shallow basket and some were close to hatching. None were permitted to survive.