Sir Bardon is the husband of Kale Allerion and the father of Penn. His father is Sir Joffa, his uncle is Sir Jilles, his cousin is N'Rae, and he is the grandson of Granny Kye and Sir Jofil. Bardon is half O'rant and half Emerlindian.


Bardon was left at the Hall by his father, Sir Joffa, when he was six years old and lived there for twelve years with five other roommates. When he was eighteen, he was sent on a quest with Kale, Wizard Fenworth, Dar, and Librettowit, instead of becoming a knight, to learn to become more flexible.


Ususally aloof. In Drangon Quest where he first appears Kale describes him as arogant and annoying. But as the series continues, they fall in love and he gradually devolpes a sense of humor.


Bardon is described as having coal black hair, which is always neat and long enough to cover his ears. They are pointy due to his father being an Emerlindian. He has blue eyes that are usually aloof and distant, but slowly become friendlier as the series progresses. He is described as having an "amazingly handsome", but his cold attitude tends to drive people away.


Bardon is a skilled warrior, good with a sword and good with his hands. He posesses the agility of an emerlindian and the ability to mindspeak with the Mayor Dragon Greer.. When in proximity with Kale, his ability to mindspeak is enhanced to the point where he can talk with other people.

Dragons under his command:Edit

  • Mikkai: A blue and green Minor Dragon. Strong in Geography. Is upset when proven wrong.
  • Greer: Bardon's purple riding dragon with cobalt wings. Greer's first rider was killed in the wars, has a strong sense of humor. Corrects Bardon's language.