Celisse is Riding Dragon under Kale Allerion's command.

Background History:Edit

Kale rescued Celisse during the book, DragonSpell, from a squad of bisonbecks commanded to keep Celisse poisoned, untill Wizard Risto came and took her away. Celisse orignally lived with a family of farmers not that far away from The Bogs. One day, after returning home with the farmer and his oldest son, they found their home completely destroyed. They swept into the yard and fought a squadron of Risto's soldiers. Soon the farmer and his son had been killed, and Celisse sought refuge in a barn and struck out against all who tried to enter.

A crossbow marksman soon arrived with special arrows. The man had no trouble shooting her with a poison dart that clouded her mind and diminished her will to live. Every time Celisse felt her strength returning, the soliders opened the barn doors, and the marksman shot her with another poison dart.


Celisse first appeared in DragonSpell where she connected with the Dragonkeeper Kale Allerion. After being healed by Gymn and Kale, she instructed Kale on how to put a saddle on her, and flew out of the barn when Dar made a distraction.

It is then that Celisse gives into her hatred and anger, ignoring Kale's protests, and goes back to kill the Bisonbecks that killed her family. After this attack, Dar instructs Kale to leave her behind so that they can continue their mission. Celisse had allowed anger to rule and put Dar's life in danger to get revenge. Celisse was seen following the duo with her head lowered after Dar's speech.

Appearance: Celisse is a gray and black dragon the size of an elephant.