Dander was a meech dragon and the son of Tulanny. He used to be a citizen of Bility before leaving to take the mantle of the Voice, the leader of the Followers, under Pretender's orders. As the Voice, he worked to poison the hearts and minds of the citizens of Amara against Wulder.

Personality Edit

Dander was described as a loudmouth, but a pesuasive talker. e called himself a 'independent thinker' but really just wanted everyone to line up behind him and follow his way of doing things. When the other meech didn't do so, he got ugly. His joy was in outshouting nyone who stood up to him.

Dander also hated dragons. He transferred all of his fear of Mot Angra into hate for all dragons. He even denied his own heritage, separating himself from the reality of his own dragon blood. He would talk wildly about what he would do if he could rid Amara of dragons. His contention was that the dragons should never have been allowed to come through Wulder's gateway to Amara's world. He never understood that it was Wulder's gateway and it was up to Wulder to determine who could go through it, not him.

History Edit

Ten years before the events of DragonLight he realized he would never get the other meech to agree with him and let. Sometime following these events he became a servant of Pretender and created the Followers under his order, establishing himself as "The Voice," their leader.

DragonLight Edit

After the Followers failed coup and Paladin's freedom from the dungeon, Dander and many of his Echoes were captured by Holt Hoddack and a group of Paladin's warriors. He and the other prisoners were brought back to Bility where Paladin was.

Paladin scetenced Dander to life imprisonment in the dungeon of his castle, though he would not be mistreated. He also allowed Tulanny, Dander's mother, to move to the castle so she could be near her son and be assured of his well-being. Regidor then escorted Dander and Tulanny to Paladin's castle, where Dander would remain.