DragonKnight is the third book in the DragonKeeper Chronicles. It takes place three years after the end of DragonQuest.

Dragons Hatched Edit

Kale's Minor Dragons: (the order they hatched in is unknown)

  • Filia, a pink knowledge-gathering dragon
  • Pat, a chubby brown dragon who's skilled at fixing things

Characters Introduced Edit

Synopsis Edit

Three years have passed since the previous book, and Bardon, having completed his training as a knight, is about to start a sabbatical when his life is suddenly complicated by discovering Granny Kye, Jue Seeno and N'rae in his cabin, and they wish to recruit his help in a quest. Apparently, long before he died, Wizard Risto had frozen a group of knights in a hidden castle, to remain there as prisoners, and one of these knights is N'rae's father. Hearing the story, Bardon also suspects that one of these knights is Sir Kemry, Dragonkeeper Kale's missing father, and reluctantly agrees to help them.

Although it is not directly mentioned, two of Kale's minor dragons hatch. Filia is a pink knowledge dragon. She is very enthusiastic and collects lots of trivial knowledge. And Pat, a chubby brown fixer dragon.