DragonQuest is the second book in the DragonKeeper Chronicles. It takes place two weeks after the end of DragonSpell.

Dragons Hatched Edit

Kale's Minor Dragons:

  1. Dibl, a light orange numerous dragon
  2. Ardeo, a dull gray dragon that glows in the dark

Bardon also bonds with Greer, a blue and purple Riding Dragon.

Characters Introduced Edit

Synopsis Edit

Kale has been in Vendela only two weeks before she gets in trouble for rescuing a street urchin doneel child called Toopka, and is called to see the High Grand Ebeck, one of the highest authorities in the hall where she is training. However, she finds that he has not called her to punish her, but to send her to Wizard Fenworth, who is having trouble with the newly hatched meech egg. Ebeck allows her to take Toopka, but also sends Bardon, a higher-ranking young man who annoys Kale but can at least hold his own with a sword.