Fenworth was a 72, 000 year-old O'rant Bog Wizard from Wynd who lived in a castle situated within Bedderman's Bog until his death.


As an old Wizard, Fenworth had a remarkable wealth of knowledge on wizardry. He also had some teaching skill as he was able to Lyll AllerionKale Allerion, and Regidor how to access and taught them how to use their talents.

In addition, as a Bog Wizard Fenworth had the tendency to turn into a tree or bush when he stayed in one spot for too long. He was also constantly dropping small animals around.

In DragonSpell:Edit

He played an integral part of the story, the main goal for half the book was to find the wizard in The Bogs. Once found, he and his reliable yet reluctant librarian, Libreowitt, help Kale and her companions search for and rescue the meech egg stolen by Risto. His powerful wizardry proves useful many times, from drowning blimmets to assisting Kale in her own endeavors.

In DragonQuest:Edit

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In DragonKnight:Edit

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  • Fenworth was supposedly the ninth cousin twenty-times removed from the Lake Wizard, Cam Ayronn's, family though Cam denied this and claimed that he was only his second cousin never removed.