Due to the many sentient species and wide variety of cultures, Amara has a wide variety of food. Some of the food is similar to food in real life. Many plants and animals are also edible, but this page will only concern meals that are made instead of found in the wild.

Drinks Edit

  • Brillum: A brewed ale that none of the Seven High Races would consume. It smells like skunkwater and stains like black bornut juice. Mariones use it to spray their fields to keep insects from infecting their crops while Bisonbecks consume it.
  • Korskan Tea: a tea flavored with citrus and spices such as cinnamon and cardamon.
  • Tumaport: drink with an infusion of root herbs served hot

Food Edit

  • Bordenaut: A mold-rippened cheese with a white rind and soft, pale center made from creamy milk.
  • Brouna: Beaten eggs that have been cooked in a skillet until firm and folded over a variety of fillings.
  • Chukkajoop: a favorite O'rant stew made from beets, onions, and carrots. The beets make the soup blood red in color.
  • Criantem: A smooth, hard, yellow cheese varying in flavors from mild to sharp.
  • Daggarts: a baked treat, a small crunched cake.
  • Kitawahdo: a favorite Tumanhofer bean soup
  • Mullins: fried doughnut stick
  • Nordy Rolls: whole-grain, sweet, nutty bread.
  • Poor Man's Pudding: a mound of custard with carmelized syrup of ale poured over the top so it looks like a white island sitting in a brown like. Minor dragons love to eat it.
  • Schop: a casserole made from pricklebarrel fruit and cheese.