Kindia's are a large mammal noted for its speed, strength, and endurance. Kindias would not carry any burden but one passenger on a specially-designed light saddle. Hoddack was the name of one Kindia trader. Paladin's knights learned how to ride Kindias as part of their training.

Biology Edit

They are especially adapted to traveling long distances with great efficiency and surviving on a diet of nutrient-poor, high fiber grasses. The shoulders are a foot or more taller than the hindquarters, giving them a slated back. This slant encouraged gravity to pull riders off their back.

Training Edit

If a Kindia was not broken within two years they might as well be turned loose for they would never accept a passenger. Breaking a kindia to the saddle was simple but required great stamina and agility. Six to twelve uninterrupted hours in a saddle would usually convince them to accept a rider, but throughout that time, the Kindia would spin, buck, roll, and do anything to get the "pest" off its back. Many kindia breakers ended up injured, crippled, or dead.

If a kindia is broken, the rest of their herd would do their best to overlook the captivity of a fellow herd member, requiring all of them to be broken and all of them would fight. They would not give up their independet desire to stand in the cold, eating grass and drinking muddy water. Once broke, kindias would not go wild again. They would even think it was their idea to move into a barn and be a mount, eating fresh water and good food.

History Edit

Dragonknight Edit

Bardon needed money to mount a quest with N'Rae and Granny Kye and agreed to break six kindias for Hoddock. He broke the first kindia, Mig, in the traditional way, staying in the saddle for nearly an entire day. The next day, N'Rae accompanied him and mindspoke with Mig. She took images of her contentment of being in a barn, warm and cozy and fawned over, to the remaining five kindias who were stubbornly insisting on staying outside in the cold drinking muddy water.

The kindias were smart enough to accept a better life and entered the barn of their own will without Bardon breaking him. The process to coax the five kindias into the barn took less time then it did to break Mig. The kindias did not lose their spark or strength and this convinced Hoddock to try to buy N'Rae from Bardon.