A Moonbeam cape is a sleeveless outer garment, which drapes the wearer's back, arms and chest, and fastens at the neck made from the fiber of moonbeam plant. The cape was colored light grey and fought attempts to change its color. Kale famously had a moonbeam cape given to her by Granny Noon and Jue Seeno also had one.

Properties Edit

When Kale moved, her moonbeam cape looked like any other cloth. When she stood still however, she'd blend into her surroundings. She did not turn invisible, but was rather like a chameleon, well hidden. In order to do this, she would have to raise her hood to hide her head and face. The hood was large enough that it would fall over Kale's eyes, but it did no inhibit her sight. It actually enhanced it, allowing her to more clearly see when she was walking through a snowstorm on Mt. Dael. It also filtered scents, making unpleasant ones more bearable.

The cape worked better in shadows or at night. In the blazing sun, her outline would be clearly visible. Kale was able to walk past four Bisonbecks guarding Celisse while the riding dragon was held prisoner with only her cape and the cover of fog. Likewise, Kale was able to walk out of the encampment of Risto's army at night, passing the sentries without problem due to her cape.

A moonbeam cape also regulated the temperature of the air around Kale. When she walked through the Bogs with it, she felt comfortable and cool. When she extended her hand a foot away from the cape, the hot, moist atmosphere of the swamp coated her hand. When on Mt, Dael, the moonbeam cloak helped trapped heat, making it more comfortable for her in the snowstorm, though she was still cold.