N'Rae is an Emerlindian. She is a cousin of Sir Bardon, the daughter of Sir Jilles, the nephew of Sir Joffa, and the granddaughter of Granny Kye and Sir Jofil. Her protector is a minneken named Jue Seeno.


For a couple of years, N'Rae and her mother lived with a group of Ropma who she liked. As she grew, she was educated by her mother in everything the woman could remember. After her mother died, though, the ropma became afraid that she would endanger them.


As a young Emerlindian, N'Rae can be considered naive and innocent in the ways of the world. This is shown when she talks about Squire Bardon's ears with others without Bardon's permission and when she revealed information about the quest she was on to an outsider.

Despite her unique upbringing, N'Rae possesses knowledge and understanding of Wulder's principles. She has also displayed the knowledge of how to care for young children (as Ropma act like them) and showed that she was capable of handling a group of them with Bardon when their caretaker was busy.


As a young Emerlindian, N'Rae has pale features that will gradually darken as she continues to age. Sir Bardon has said that, even in plain clothing, she could outshine all of the ladies in court.


N'Rae has the abiltiy to talk toanimals. With this ability, she can transfer information between herself and an animal, see that animal's memories, and even detect animals nearby to her. It is because of this ability that Hoddack wanted to marry his son to her, trapping her in marriage so that she could not break kindias for other kinida farmers.


In DragonKnight.Edit

While waiting for help on a quest to find and rescue her father, N'Rae stayed in a cabin provided by Sir Dar. She then helped Squire Bardon by killing an animal that was attacking him before she and her companions told him about the quest. The next day, the group left the cabin through a gateway that transported them to Norst. 

N'Rae proved her worth in the quest by using her ability to help Bardon quickly "break" five kinidas, direct him to a kindia that she thought he should ride, taking care of all of the children that Granny Kye was made responsible for, and detecting the sea serpent that was stalking the boat she was on.