Paladin is Wulder's adviser to his people on earth. He is the leader of Amara as well as the commander of the Amara Military, and is the main rallying point of the fight against Pretender. While seemingly immortal, his health is affected when people's belief in Wulder fades.

He has numerous mystical abilities given to him by Wulder. His death almost occurred in the fourth book due to Wulder's fading influence.

Description Edit

Paladin has dark brown hair with subtle red highlights and blue eyes. He and Risto look alike as both have a straight nose, strong chin, and a high forehead. His face holds laugh lines and there is tenderness in his gaze, both of which Risto lacked.


As Wulder's representative, he has lived for over 2000 years. As long as the citizens of Amara continue believing in Wulder, Paladin will live. Besides his almost-immortality, he is extraordinarily powerful, as shown during his fights with various fire dragons and wizards. Pretender fears him as well, and is forbidden to kill him. Paladin also can mindspeak with anyone, including animals, dragons, and any of the high races.

Character RelationshipsEdit

Paladin is a friend of Kale's, and is a trusted adviser of Bardon. Anyone in service at his Hall is aware of him. However, many people in Amara believe him to be a myth.