Andor Tarum Risto (commonly just called Risto) was an evil wizard who followed the Pretender. He was killed by Fenworth in Dragonquest.

Description Edit

He and Paladin look similar. Both have dark hair, blue eyes, straight nose, strong chin, and a high forehead. Risto's features however are furrowed with stern lines. His haughty expression and cold eyes were unsettling to Kale Allerion and presumably others.

History Edit

Risto captured a dozen knights loyal to Paladin, including Kemry Allerion, and placed them in an enchanted sleep within Strot's castle-fortress, which he was in control of. Among the captured knights were Sir Joffa, Sir Jilles, and Sir Kemry Allerion.

Lyll Allerion considered him such a great threat she left her daughter, Kale, to be raised by a village of mariones as a slave. She hoped the anonymity would hide Kale from Risto, an effort that was successful.