Sir Joffa is an Emerlindian Knight in the service of Paladin. He is the son of Granny Kye and Sir Joffil, the brother of Sir Jilles, the husband of Liza, the father of Sir Bardon and father-in-law to Kale Allerion, the uncle to N'Rae, and the grandfather to Penn.


When he heard that his brother was in trouble, Sir Joffa set out with his wife and son towards Wittoom. On the way, they were ambushed in the Kattaboom Mountains by Wizard Risto's men where his wife was killed. After dealing with the threat, he made arrangements for his wife's burial and sent his son to The Hall for a few months.


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Sir Joffa is an Emerlindian. This means that, as he ages, his skin, hair, and eyes will continue to darken. In DragonKnight, he is described to be a ruddy tan.


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In DragonKnight:Edit

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